Thursday, March 1, 2012

Evidence of Tae Kwon Do

A couple weeks ago, a friend requested to see pics of Bean in his Tae Kwon Do uniform, but sadly I had none. I'm horrible at taking pictures regularly because I honestly don't think about it. When I do think about it one or more of the following situations seem to plague me: 1) I don't have the camera with me, 2) I can't seem to find the camera, 3) the batteries aren't charged, 4) the memory card is full. So, although Bean has been taking lessons since December, this is the first I have ever documented it. Doesn't he look so serious?

He takes classes at a local academy that focuses on the form and art of Tae Kwon Do and not the competitive sport. I was extremely impressed by Master Hyong who established the academy, his experience, and how he was able to connect with Bean immediately. The academy's emphasis on the philosophy of Moo Do, the art of living seemed like it would be a good addition to homeschooling. In fact, the sessions he attends is composed of homeschooled children and their families.

As of now, he is the youngest in his class and the lowest in rank. This is actually a good reminder to him that he doesn't know it all and he has much to learn from others. It's been amazing how his focus and stamina have increaed. When he first started he'd have to sit out periodically because he was tired, but now he is practicing the whole hour. He has also grown in respect for others. They use the entire class as teachers, so he's been taught by grown adults, to kids just a couple years older than him. About a month ago he tested the waters as far as not listening and doing his own thing, but hopefully that seems to have passed. Today Master Hyong came into the observation area to give me a high-five and tell me that Bean was making great improvements and we were doing a good job. Yay!

So here is some footage. This time the class was split by age, so the parents and Master Hyong were on the other side of the room. This instructor teaches Bean about as often as Master Hyong does, and he is great with Bean. They are doing warm-ups, triple punches to be exact. 

Here he is reviewing his White Belt Poomsae. I honestly don't know exactly what that is, but it seems to be a series of moves of basic blocks, kicks, punches and stances. It's kind of like yoga poses that you practice over and over again. The point is not to just do them but execute them as best you can in order to gain a greater awareness of yourself and to increase focus. 

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