Friday, March 14, 2014

Monkeys in Gymnastics

Tey just completed his second session of gymnastics. He is loving it! It is the perfect outlet for him, and his little strong body of endless energy seems to fit the sport well. 

He just figured out climbing today and this was as high as his fear of heights would let him go. It's much higher than I would have thought!

For the past few weeks he's been working on controlling his landings for cartwheels. Ya know, instead of just throwing all your weight and power into a movement and not thinking about the outcome. Yeah, that. He's also gotten his legs a bit straighter too!

He loves doing these little releases. He's been doing them since day one.

My personal fave: the balance beam. He gets good exposure to this because his homeschool gymnastics class is co-ed.  I love that they cover each apparatus, even boys doing beam and girls doing rings. 

Mei just completed her first session and I am so glad that she enjoys it a lot too. She is naturally flexible. Flexible beyond belief, really. She is also a complete clown in the gym. Thankfully she is just silly enough to make the class fun, but she really listens to her coach so she learns more and more each time we go. I got mostly her on the beam, but she can do some cool stuff on bars and the rings too.