Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Update: Read Across American and March of the Penguins

We took the kids on a couple "adventures" this Saturday. Yes, we called them that.

Read across America was our first stop. We debated whether or not to take Bean because he might be bored, but he actually liked it. We got there near the tail end, so it was not as crowded and we got to do what we wanted for as long as we wanted. Running from activity to activity to earn stickers to get a book really stresses me out. Instead, we spent a lot of time at a booth that taught about dental hygiene where Mei brushed teeth (one of her favorite activities), Tey played a letter game to make words (which we've been working on lately), and Bean read a Berenstain Bears book about going to the debtinst (boy does this kid love Berenstain Bears). This woman even agreed to read our kids a "long" story from Aesop's Fables (our kids have been enjoying those at home) though she seemed hesitant at first. We did stop at several other booths and we got enough stickers to earn books for each of the kids too. 

Next we went to a March of the Penguins event at the Orpheum Children's Museum. We bought a family membership, so now I really need to take the kids more often to make it worth it.
Bean petting a taxidermy penguin
Bean showing that he's almost as tell as an emperor penguin
Tey matching baby penguins to their mommies based on their call
Tey waddling with a baby penguin (which is supposed to be on his feet)
Tey used this to dive into the ocean in search of krill and small fish. He always emerged with a good catch.
Both the boys participated in all the activities they had set up for the event. I know they had fun, but hopefully they learned some stuff too. Here's one just for fun, Tey jumping on little icebergs.
We'll have to watch March of the Penguins with them again. They liked it the first time, but that was a while ago.

What was Mei doing all this time? Mostly running around, She's gotten speedy! She and I spent a good amount of time in their kitchen area and she made me a pan of cookies. I didn't even show her how to do this, but she just started lining them up...

until the whole tray was covered then she put in in my lap. Looks like we have another little chef!

I was surprised that when it was all over and I said it was time to go, Tey asked what our next "adventure" was and I told him "naptime" and he was cool with that. I think he was beat too!

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