Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Eat a Thin Mint

My husband once told me that he really appreciates how well I stand my ground being convinced that I am right and building a solid case even when I am completely wrong. I'm blessed he has patience for that character flaw or else our marriage would be in trouble.

This is one of those cases where I will not stand down and this time I really know that I'm right. Thin Mints are the BEST Girl Scout Cookie ever baked.

Even if you have tasted one before and still do not agree with the above statement, I'm pretty sure it's because you have likely not eaten said cookie in the proper way.

The best way to enjoy a Thin Mint is to enhance the mintiness of the cookie and to reduce its crunchiness. How you ask?

Step 1: Before eating, your Thin Mints should be chilled. The cool temperature of the cookie enhances the cool minty flavor. Cool, huh?

Before you proceed, know that the following steps must be carried out with exact precision or else you will be disappointed with the cookie by your own fault and I still rightly get to make my assertion that Thin Mints are, in fact, the best Girl Scout Cookie.

Step 2: Gently nibble off just the slightest amount of chocolate edge of the Thin Mint and continue around about 1/2 of the circumference of the cookie. This will expose the inner cookie.

Step 3: Using a pair of chopsticks, hold the Thin Mint with the exposed cookie part upright and then lower into a glass of milk until completely submerged (you can also use your fingers, but then they too will be chilled). You should see bubbles rising to the top of the milk. This is a sign that your once crunchy cookie is slowly but surely becoming soggy.

Step 4: Once the bubbles stop forming, it is likely that your cookie is now filled with milk. The chocolate rim edge that you left on the bottom half will hold all of this soggy goodness in place. Lift the cookie out of the milk and eat. You can thank me later.

If done correctly, the outer chocolate shell will crack when bitten and the soggy cookie will ooze out. If not done correctly, your soggy cookie will fall apart making a mess of your milk and you'll have to drink the dredges later. If you drop your whole cookie in your milk you can hopefully rescue it carefully without obliterating the delicate cookie and also quickly enough so that is doesn't completely dissolve in your milk. Another note, if when eating the cookie, you realize that you have sadly reached a part that is still crunchy and not perfectly soggy, you can resubmerge the Thin Mint. If your cookie is too soggy however, and falls apart, there is little you can do to salvage it except helplessly watch it become soggier and soggier. Err on the side of crunchy because you can always make it soggy with a few extra submersions.

So, now that Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us, support your local troop by buying a box of Thin Mints, trying out this method of eating it and let me know how it goes. I'm willing to field questions and also promise to have an open mind to those of you *might* disagree.

UPDATE: As requested, I made a video tutorial about how to do this. I didn't think it was that hard.


  1. There is no possible way you could be wrong about this! I'm right there with you (and just as adamant about defending my position). I haven't even tried the milk part and I already agree that Thin Mints are the best. Mmm. (Matt loves Samoas... silly boy).

  2. Oh do try it then. So amazing! You can't go wrong if you already love Thin Mints.