Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm the kind of person who either wants to do something the best that I can or not at all. It's generally a good trait, but it also means that many things I should do go undone because it will never be as good as I want it too.

Not so, with our Annual New Year's Eve Party. We promote it as the Back Up Plan New Year's Eve Party: the place to be if you have no place else to be. It's all low key with everyone in their jammies (or otherwise comfy clothes) and a breakfast potluck and usually some random stuff tossed in. 

This year, Bean was convinced that he and Tey were putting on a Christmas show. Tey helped a little with the singing, thankfully with no fights between the two or bossing around by Bean. This is all I got of it because I was running out of memory and had to delete stuff first. I know, bad mommy!

He didn't practice this or memorize anything. I think it's precious that he's nervous and you can tell because he's stroking the microphone string. I'm so proud he took this challenge upon himself. Afterwards I realized that this was a great example of Charlotte Mason's narration at work (in this case, Bean retelling a story in his own words). I've been reading more and more about her method of teaching and it really fits well with our family and how we want to home school for the most part. 

Also new this year was a balloon drop that we did at 8pm for the kiddos for a fake count down. 

This morning Bo the boys and I had a really fun battle with all the balloons in the living room and I haven't laughed so hard in a while. They came up with a bunch of crazy rules based on the color of the balloon. I can't remember them all, I just wanted to thwack everyone. And I did!

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy New Year. 2012, bring it!


  1. Rissa was really impressed with Bean's storytelling! She whispered to me as we listened, "Mommy, how can he tell such a big story? He's little!" I told her that he is 5, almost 6, and not much bigger than her and that she could do that too if she wanted too. She shook her head no out of total shyness but was very intrigued that little people can be big. It was awesome!

  2. Thanks! If you want to try narration with her, I can send you some info. At a basic level it's just like, "Can you tell me a little about the story we just read?" Eventually, I'll do a post about it.