Sunday, January 22, 2012


Continuing on with our studies of all things of the night and learning more about space and celestial bodies, today we read a REALLY old book of children's poems called "Poetry for Space Enthusiasts." Yes, really, there is such a book. We came across this rare gem among a bunch of books that a local middle school was giving away earlier this fall right when we were making the decision to home school. I found that many of the books they were getting rid of were a little biased because of their perspective on history, outdated about science, or perhaps had a too strong emphasis on God for the taste of public school. Because of that we barely picked up any history books unless it was a biography and most of the science we chose was about life sciences and especially not technology. The God thing we can deal with.

"Poetry for Space Enthusiasts" seemed like it might be a fun way to add poetry into the mix of our current topic. From first glance it had some poems with humor in it, which I thought would engage the children if the other ones didn't. And if nothing else, it would would be corny and Bo and I would get a good laugh.

We read a handful of them today, but this one really struck me.


by a million
wings of fire -
the rocket tore a tunnel
through the sky -
and everybody cheered
only by a thought from God -
the seedling
urged its way
through the thickness of black -
and as it pierced
the heavy ceiling of the soil -
and launched itself
up into outer space -

by Marcie Hans

Talk about profound for a children's book! We are so quick to ooh and aah at the marvels of what humans have made, but take for granted the miracle that is God's creation. We definitely need to reflect on this more.

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