Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Baby Will Always be My Baby

Mei Mei turned 1 this week. Let's be clear. She is not a toddler. She is not even walking yet. She is now and ever will be MY BABY!  

Here's a little bit about her:
Favorite Book: Charlie Parker Plays Be Bop (she brings me the book and rocks side to side so we can sing/read it)
Favorite Song: Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee (she puts her hands together and swings them from side to side)
First Words: "More" (especially when eating), "Thank you" (when we play a giving game), "Uh-oh" (when she drops toys out of the bathtub).
Favorite Food: Anything with meat in it, anything with a lot of flavor (especially grandma's cooking).
Dislikes: Getting my nose wiped, when people take toys out of my mouth
Favorites: Splashing in the bath, hugging and laughing with my big brothers
What calms me: sucking my thumb (at night time I do that and rub the ribbons of my dolly too)
Aspirations for the next year of life: walking, switching to a toddler bed, and having my first taste of chocolate (my parents are kinda health-freaks)

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet niece! We had so much fun getting to know you over Labor Day.