Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weakness and P.E.

It was a long week. I'll just say that. Over the past several days I've gone back and forth about how much to talk about the inner workings of our homeschool and my views on it. We have a lot of struggles, a lot of joys, and everything in the between. I'm still figuring out how to blog about our lives and what to include. I have found numerous homeschool bloggers to be extremely helpful and the best ones are those that lay it all on the table. The raw ones provide the such comfort and encouragement, or at least strength in numbers that we are trying our best and that is all we can do. 

The utmost comfort comes from my heavenly Father. In our weakness, His strength shines through. So I think everyone in my family must be burning from His rays now. I know he has uniquely created each one of my kids and also me. I am also certain that this is where I am to be and somehow I am to raise and teach them. So, wisdom, discernment, and patience are what I am praying for most now.

Well, onto the fun stuff. Eventually I'll do more formal P.E. with the kids, but in the meantime, I'm being ok with just making sure they are active at least an hour a day. But really, who has to make sure kids are active everyday? They are so energetic, it seems like they never get tired. Anyway, I also don't have a set schedule of aerobic, muscle strengthening, learning a particular skill, etc., but we just go with the flow and have fun at this point. I'm cool with that too. When it is raining outside and I'm not feeling creative at all, we can always rely on our default: running around the house. Mei has picked up on this very quickly. And has added flying wings. I dunno if she made that up or saw her brothers do it. Anyway, she is pure cuteness when she does it.

One thing I can feel accomplished about this week is sticking to our responsibilities. The boys helped a ton with their basic responsibilities as well as assisting me out with laundry, cleaning the kitchen and generally cleaning up of the house to have friends over. Bean also helped me take down the Christmas tree (yes, I still had my tree up). At Grandma and grandpa's house they had a blast getting leaves out of the flower bed. 

My hard little workers! They were so proud of themselves. I was too. Ok, maybe I can do this.

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